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Randomized Algorithms Control Toolbox (RACT)

RACT is a Matlab toolbox for probabilistic analysis and synthesis of control systems affected by various uncertainty structures.

Main RACT features are:

  • Convenient definition of a variety of uncertain objects:
    scalar, vector and matrix uncertainties, with different probability distributions,
  • Easy and fast sampling of uncertain objects of almost any type
  • Randomized algorithms for probabilistic performance verification
    and probabilistic worst-case performance,
  • Randomized algorithms for feasibility of uncertain LMIs using
    stochastic gradient, ellipsoid or cutting plane methods (YALMIP needed),
  • Optimal design methods using scenario approach.

RACT is entirely based on MATLAB. It can be freely downloaded. To install the toolbox, just unzip the downloaded file (e.g., and update your path (see also starting explanations). The YALMIP toolbox is not included in the package and should be installed separately.

In the current version 0.6, several bugs have been fixed, randomized algorithm for optimal design is included, theoretical part is extended and new examples have been added. The manual is cleaned. For a full list of changes, see the file changes.txt in the toolbox root folder.

The RACT project

RACT has been developed at IEIIT-CNR (Politecnico di Torino, Italy) and at the Institute for Control Science (Moscow, Russia), based on a bilateral international project funded by Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR) and Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS). Members of the project:

Members of the project:

Andrey Tremba (Main Developer and Maintainer)
Giuseppe Calafiore
Fabrizio Dabbene
Elena Gryazina
Boris Polyak (Co-Principal Investigator)
Pavel Shcherbakov
Roberto Tempo (Co-Principal Investigator)

The participation of G. Calafiore to the project was funded by an FIRB grant from Italian Ministry of University and Research.

Terms of use and compatibility

RACT is free, but as always, no guarantees! For the solution of some specific
design problems, the YALMIP toolbox should be installed, and its terms of
use apply.
Working version of Matlab is 7.3, but it should definitely work under
6.5 (previous versions weren’t tested). No bugs known yet. If a suspicious
result occurs, please report it at atremba [at] Suggestions and
comments will be greatly appreciated too. Thanks for trying RACT!

To learn more about Randomized Algorithms for control see the references page.

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Page last modified on November 28, 2007, at 05:34 PM