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Used programs are:



No comments, though.



Very useful "Toolbox for Modeling and Optimization in MATLAB", used in the synthesis part of RACT both for parsing LMIs and for some auxilary tasks.



jsMath is a set of javascripts to display LaTEX formulaes in a browser.

For example you can write
{$$ \int_0^{\infty} \mathcal{B}^e(\alpha, t) dt $$} 

and get

\int_0^{\infty} \mathcal{B}^e(\alpha, t) dt

(notice jsMath floating window in left bottom corner of the page).

Most you'll need is few math fonts: delailed instruction on installation (though in Windows are already installed with your LaTEX system, check also browser support).

If you see error box like \epsilon \leq \int_{\umega}^{\pi} instead of formulae, click twice on it and source code should appear. The same way LaTEX source code can be obtained from correctly displayed formulaes.



GeSHi is Generic Syntax Highlighter, neat tool for representation of various code languages (Matlab in our case).
Common code looks like:

function str = display(in)
%DISPLAY Displays uncertain variable in a nice way

str = [in.Name ':'];
switch in.DistrType
  case 'real_scalar_uniform'
    str = [str ' real uncertain variable with uniform distribution,'];
    disp([' over [' num2str(in.Params.nominal - abs(in.Params.range)) ', ' num2str(in.Params.nominal + abs(in.Params.range)) ']. Nominal = ' num2str(in.Params.nominal) ', range = ' num2str(in.Params.range) '.']);
  case 'complex_scalar_uniform'
    str = [str ' complex uncertain variable with uniform distribution,'];

Enabled via sourceblock plugin . In wiki use the following wrapper:
(:source lang=matlab:)

!! mHtml Homepage:

Colouring and interlinked representation of a set of m-files. Perfect for self-documentation.

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Page last modified on July 31, 2007, at 11:29 AM