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Unpack all files and add main folder, subfolders ractdemos and ractdemos\examples to path, for example if you extracted it to folder c:\work, type:

>> addpath 'c:\work\ract' -end
>> addpath 'c:\work\ract\ractdemos' -end
>> addpath 'c:\work\ract\ractdemos\examples' -end

or use Set Path dialog (invoked by command pathtool).

For frequent usage of the toolbox path should be saved through Set Path dialog or by adding commands above to startup.m file or pathdef.m.


Getting started

First follow the step-by-step tutorial in the pdf manual (in ract-manual folder) to get used of uncertainty definition, templating and main functionalities.

You can also consult the examples code and use them as basis: they are located in the ractdemos and ractdemos/examples folders.

Do not hesitate to use help <filename> function, it can really help.

Analysis Synthesis?

Advanced Usage?

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Page last modified on November 27, 2007, at 03:52 PM